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Default X-Server crash with 9746 and QuadroFX cards

We are in the process of upgrading our workstation graphics cards, but are having the X-server crash when taking screenshots. We are runing RHEL3v4. We want to upgrade all the workstations to QuadroFX 5500 cards with the 9746 driver. We can run our applications but we can't take screenhosts of our graphics windows that use the Overlay visuals. We don't see this problem with our current cards QuadroFX 1000 cards and the 7676 drivers.

The problem originally occured when we were using Gimp (xwd) on the graphics windows of our application. It would crash the X-server and take us back to the login screen. I have written an example application that also crashes the X-server to demonstrate the problem.

The problem appears to happen when XGetImage() is called on an Overlay visuals.

The example was compiled on our RHEL system using only X11 and GL. Simpily run the program and a cube will appear with rotation angles printed in the overlay plane. The angles can be incremented by pressing mouse buttons. However, any key press will call XGetImage() on the overlay plane and crash the X-server.
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