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Again, thanks so much for your help netllama. It seems that I am having a hard time convincing ASUS that the problem is in their BIOS. In addition, I have something new to report.

I booted into windows and signed on to a VPN to do some stuff for work. Everything works great. I rebooted into linux to go about my normal business, and now neither NIC will take an IP address. This is reproducible because I did the exact same thing the first time freshly installed both OS and both NIC's went out after that as well.

I have tried loading forcedeth by itself, with msi=0 msix=0, and ifup/ifdown/ifrenew until I am blue in the face.

I have turned the machine off, unplugged it, turned it back on: no success.

I have booted into Windows, connected to the vpn, disconnected, rebooted into linux: no success.

What the hell does windows do to your nic when you VPN? Anyone know a good hack that will keep me from reinstalling both my OS again?

I'm calling asus back to yell at them some more, and probably going to switch to an abit board. This is ridiculous.
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