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Default Re: First time Linux user... drivers?

Wow, I thought this thread died.

Since my rig is down and I'm using the rig I built for my GF (thank God she doesn't need it right now), I haven't tinkered with Kubuntu at all.

I just sent the mobo for my rig back to Newegg today. They should have it by Friday, and I should have the replacement by next Friday at the latest. Once I get my rig up and running, I'll start fiddling with Kubuntu again.

Valheru, you are probably right, I think I've become lazy and just prefer doing things within the GUI.

Part of the problem is the only command prompt I'm accustumed to is DOS, that is what I started on. I'm sure I'll figure out this whole Linux command prompt (or whatever it is called) soon enough.

I'll try to figure out the command prompt. You guys talk like it is really easy- I should have no problem figuring it out I assume.

Thanks for all your help. And evilghost, I'll probably be sending you some PM's once I get my rig back up and running.
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