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Default Zalman CNPS7700

Well, i finally got sick of the 55c+ temps i was getting on my CPU, so i ventured out to the Computer Shop today, trying to remember if i had seen that Nvidia endorsed Zalman in there before. Of course, they had sold said Nvidia Zalman, and only 2 other Cooling options remained. One was the Zalman CNPS7700 and the other was the Thermaltake Bigwater 735. Now, i hadn't really read any reviews on the Bigwater (or any Thermaltake watercooling really), and it was an extra $120. The Zalman however, didn't really need any idea for a review in my mind, because i know they are just out of the box quality. So i purchased the Zalman for $79 and installed it with the help of my trusty AS5. After 1 hours operation, i noticed that the temps were still well within acceptable range (41c), which is a huge drop considering that it hasn't really had a proper burn in time to allow the AS5 to settle. Even under Severe loads, i haven't gone over 46c with it so far. As far as i'm concerned, i got a good deal with a useful cooler, but if you feel like it, i'm open for flaming for passing up the H20.

I also picked up a Thermaltake Cyclo Ram cooler, a) to keep ram cool while o/c'ing, and b) coz it looked cool.
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