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Post Re: 1.0-9755 NVIDIA RPM doesn't work

Now I made it with compiling the kernel-source
1. I installed with yast the packages
kernel-source (it must be this one!)
I took this kernel from the initial CD openSuSE10.2, others won't work with
the following driver 9631!)
2. I found the corresponding
with google on the site
(where is the table of contents?)
3. I pressed <CTRL> <ALT> and <backspace> to quit the X-Server
4. I started as root and typed in #> init 3
5. #> cd /my/download/folder/
6. #> sh -q
7. #> sax2 -r -m 0=invidia
8. I confirmed the proposal made by sax2

So, thanks to my nVidia is working now.
Nevertheless my sondcard does not, I still have no sound on my PC! The offered nForce-driver is too old for my kernel, it only works with 2.6.13-15.

Frankly speeking I am a bit fed up with nVidia and nForce.
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