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Default Re: See what happens when you don't fix your website?

How was he even supposed to know that a specific driver version even existed? Between the 1.0-9755 and the 1.0-7184 drivers, all chipsets are supported, correct? At least according the READMEs on-line. So how is he supposed to know that there's a separate, newer (compared to the 7184 drivers) package specifically for the GF2/3/4 cards since it's not listed on the portal page? Do you honestly suggest that everyone take a look at the Archive link to see if there's a more recent driver for their card than the one on the portal page? For crying out loud, it's the "Archive" page :-) Why would it occur to anyone that it would contain newer drivers than the one on the portal page?

Instead of trying to pass the buck, how about admitting that the website is screwed up, misleading, and caused this entire problem in the first place? And then how about fixing it?

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