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Default Re: Post your Vista desktop

Originally Posted by Sazar
I haven't used Opera in, seems like years m8.

Does it have the same kind of extensions and theming options as FF2?

If so, I might give it a go.
Opera 9.20 has way more functionality then Firefox 2.0, and all is included in a single download package. There is brilliant download manager, DOM inspector, mouse gestures, RSS reader, email client, unlimited notes, in 6MB download (including all languages). If you add about 50 extensions to Firefox, it will start resemble Opera in terms of functionality, but will be 10x slower...

This is what my Opera looks like:

Opera does not have XPI extensions, but can install so-called widgets, there are more than 1.000 of them:

What is brilliant about Opera is the fact, that it is tested as a whole, complete product, while Firefox extensions can break the browser, and are not tested together.

Thus Opera is much more faster and much more stable..

I think Firefox is an old-concept browser, it is targeted to compete against MSIE 6.0, but now even MSIE 7.0 is better. In standard installation, Firefox 2.0 even does not offer a "open new tab" button, its interface is so obsolete, you HAVE TO get at least 10 extensions for it being able to compete with MSIE 7.0...
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