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Default NVIdia Linux IA 32 (x86) drivers (96xx and 97xx) GLX problems ...


I have PC running Fedora Core 5 with a NVIDIA QUadro FX 4500. We use the twinview option to enable the use of an external immersive display built by Fakespace. We noticed, after some recent upgrades, that something seems to be wrong with the NVIDIA drivers. One problem is minor, anytime the GL libraries are used, by a program like glxgears, the pointer is followed by a some horizontal black lines that seem to fit on a small square. When you stop using GL libraries, it dissappears.

The second problem is with a software package called Amira. Every time we enable stereo output, i.e. anytime the GL libraries are invoked, we start seeing GLXBadDrawable errors. That doesn't always lead to a crash immediately, but after so many of those errors, the program does crash. We have also observed that, while running tracking devices, enabling the VR environement, then disabling, then enabling and disabling again causes the software to crash as well.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix at least the mouse problem? From what I've read. the GLXBadDrawable error has something to do with a bad instruction. So, I suspect something in the nvidia GL libraries is incompatible with the GL libraries that Amira was built with. However, I'm not sure where to go from there. I've contacted Amira support about this and they're looking into the problem, though I'm curious to see if anyone out there has any comments to contribute.
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