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Default Geforce4 440 Go on 1.0-96xx and greater have no output

I'm using openSUSE 10.2 with KDE on a Dell Inspiron 8200 with a Geforce4 440 Go. Any Linux driver greater than 1.0-8776 returns nothing but a blank screen when X starts, I assume whatever big change took place in the 96xx version breaks my output. It tells me during the run package install that the 97xx version won't support my card but I'm not sure why the 96xx versions accept everything and then I get no output. Even the NVIDIA splash is not displayed, although when I used the sh and SaX2 method of install the screen blanked like before when X started but then I caught a glimpse of the new splash when SaX2 used XFine (which was displayed normally after the splash) to try and adjust the output. Once I was done with XFine everything went back to blank again. Everything is running in the background. I here sound when KDE loads and and the system responds to keyboard commands like CTRL-ALT-DEL for reboot. Any ideas?
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