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Default Re: See what happens when you don't fix your website?

Originally Posted by adamk75
Instead of trying to pass the buck, how about admitting that the website is screwed up, misleading, and caused this entire problem in the first place? And then how about fixing it?Adam
Wow... the moderators won't say this, so I will: your attitude sucks, and you won't get much help when you talk to people like that!

That Ubuntu thread makes the Ubuntu users look like a bunch of whining children. There's been a little confusion about driver versions (in the beta series of Ubuntu releases) and people are crying and throwing tantrums because they think they can't have their 3D eye candy.

Ben Collins says that Edgy is supported (and works) right now, and Feisty is not yet. He also says that the driver issue is understood, and Feisty will support the three driver versions.

It seems to me that there was an issue, but it's been recognised and will be sorted out. Why are you now flaming nVidia?
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