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Default Re: nForce 550/570 drivers support?

I've come across the same problem.

I've got a nForce 570 SLIT-A motherboard. Trying to dual-boot Debian and XP, I run into an error for the network drivers detection. And it won't find my partition either, but that's a different problem.

I tried both the cd and the binaries, hopeing there may be more drivers, but it stops in the same place.

I know this is a bit off topic from the thread, but can anyone tell me what the partition needs to be formatted to. I've tried FAT32, NTFS, and just leaving it unformatted. Wouldn't pick up on any of them.

Sorry to act like such a noob, but i've only used live versions in the past and that was with a whole different machine and a year or so ago.
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