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Default Re: Dual monitor with a Dell Laptop

Originally Posted by lukasdesign
Hi to all,

I'm consiidering to install Ubuntu on my new Dell laptop that I will buy.

I'm considering two models: XPS M1710 with a 7950GTX or the Precision M90 with a 512MB Quadro 2500M
I need a good screen when using the laptop at home, so I found out in the wiki of Ubuntu that there shouldn't be a problem with an xeternal screen.

But I don't get any infos about a dual screen setup (each screen showing a different content).
Anyone tried something similar?

best regards

Yes. I am running a Dell Inspiron 8100 using a GeForceGo2 16 MB card with the 1.0-9631 drivers and can use either two monitors with separate screens, or clones (as what you'd want for a presentation with a projector).

- CH
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