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Thank you it is working successfully now

I found out the problem wasnt with loading drivers though. it is because i had to set my PCI card (2nd graphics display) to the primary device in the BIOS so that it would work as a dual display in Win XP, because something to do with the card and XP it wont allow a dual display simultaneously. i just tried with the AGP set to default display and it loaded perfectly fine. I guess XP will just have to go shove as linux is more important. Just another reason to downgrade it to 98,

Allthough the TV out is not working successfully, but after looking through the log file this appears to be a limitation of the Geforce 3 Ti 200 that you cannot use CRT and TV out at the same time.

thanx for your time and paitence even though the problem was at my end all the time.
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