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Default 9755 & 9746: tty consoles no longer work


I am experiencing severe graphical corruption (see pictures below) when I try to switch from X to a console. This only happens with nvidia drivers version 9755 & 9746. I also tried 8776, 9629 and 9631, ... they all worked fine.

Steps to reproduce:
Start, boot into X (The boot-splash displays correctly)
Press Ctrl-Alt-F1
-> only gibberish on screen
Press Cltr-Alt-F7
-> Back in X, everything displays ok.
Shutdown, X exits
-> gibberish instead of shutdown-splash

Start, tell grub to boot into console
-> Display is fine in console
Start X, quit X
-> Should be back in console, but only rubbish on screen

So you can see: Console works as long as X has not been started. If X was started once the console will no longer work.

The kernel option "vga=..." seems to have no influence on this behavior.

This is how it looks like right after Pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1:
A small part at the top is totally corrupted, below that is some kind of ghost picture of the last view of my X-Servers contents.

It gets worse with time:
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