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Does anyone besides me think that they should make 2D castlevania games for the PS3?

I know everyone loves 2D games on the DS and the PSP, but think about it:

With Blu-ray they can make the game long as ****
use uncompressed music
2D, just like everything else, benefits from HD resolutions
all of the high precision post-processing they could use

Why not make it the best it can be? I think that the console makers should reduce royalty fees for 2D games, and then it won't be as big of a risk for 3rd parties to make a 2D game on a console.

It shouldn't be a risk though anyway (it is, but it shouldn't), b/c 2D games could be so much better on consoles.

I'll be so pissed if Sega+Ancient makes another Oasis game, only to be on the D****.
i dont understand your obsession with 2D games. consoles today arent for you. you need to go get an NES, genesis, and an SNES and play your heart out. no one cares about 2D anymore.
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