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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by methimpikehoses
Thanks, I did OC the GTX to achieve that scrore... 625/1910 I believe. Anything more than about 640 I get artifacting, but my PCI-E bus voltage is on auto. I could probably set the voltage higher in BIOS and get to 650/1950+. I'm not in a big hurry though because all my games run great ATM. I can get my E6600 to 3.66 or so stable, but that's at 1.49V-1.5V, and even with the Tuniq it gets too hot for my liking (40's-50's).

Mostly I'm really impressed by the G Skill-- 2.15V and I can get 872mHz at 4-4-4-10. Pretty solid! Much better than some Corsair 6400 I had before.
ya.. if I put my voltage on my CPU at 1.45v I can get it much higher.... but after running Othos for a few hours it starts pushing 56c which is to far hot for me. I like to keep it under 52c when running orthos. I might put it to 3.2Ghz and leave it there and be happy... even though 3.0Ghz right now seems to be just as good.

I have not even begun to overclock my video card yet.... how were your temps at those speeds (I am assuming you have the standard GTX) ??

I love my memory... before I started messing with the memory ratios in the bios I had my memory at 1036Mhz (defualt is 800Mhz) and it was stable at 2.2v. The reason I got this ram is that I can boost the voltage to 2.4v and still not void the warranty... I love OCZ These 2 sticks appear to be overclocking gods... leaves my future open for more daring CPU OC's
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