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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
Im on Vanguard almost every night. However, I will agree the world is FAR too large for a "small population". The population actually isn't that small. They consider Woefeather server a "heavy traffic" server, but still there arent enough players imo. They really shouldn't have started with so many servers.
I agree as well. I am in a pretty tight knit guild so I usually have people to group with, and in the process of running TK alot, we've met a few others that really like to group with us so it's not bad. Trying to find a group in a "dungeon" area isn't that bad (TK, Anthill, etc) but to find a quest group or xp group outside a dungeon is near impossible. I would like to say they should have started with fewer servers, but the launch could have gone even worse if they would have done that (stressing the servers too much)...Oh well, still having fun at the moment...

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