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Default Re: Does 8800 series suffer from slow subpixel font rendering

Originally Posted by Robster
OK, I'll test stuff for you if you like.

I had a quick read through those threads, and tried some KDE apps. Scrolling was always smooth, and CPU time was always low (I managed to get User CPU load up to nearly 3% by wiggling a Konqueror window up and down like a madman )
Thank you very much for trying this. Can you confirm that you turned on subpixel rendering in the kde control panel?

Control Center->Appearances & Themes->Fonts
"Use anti-aliasing for fonts" is checked, and clicking on the configure button next to antialiasing for fonts, you have "Use sub-pixel hinting:" checked, and Hinting style is "full".

If it wasn't set that way, could you set it that way, and log out/back into KDE to see if it is still smooth?

This is hopefully good new! Thanks again.

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