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Default Re: CoolIT Freezone/Eliminator Thread

Just received and installed the CoollT System Freezone and with my luck it's defective unit.
With the potentiometer set to maximum it's extremely noisy, at mid setting it's not too bad, I probably would tolerate it, if that noise was at high setting.

The fan speed jumps from about 25000 RPM to 65000 RPM which I'm sure is not right, sometime it shows about 3000 RPM, probably right but the extreme noise is same.
The reading is from ASUS PC Probe ll and the BIOS.

The potentiometer was set to maximum from the box, I doubt that's factory default setting so I almost believe CanadaDirect might have send me returned unit.

I tried the cooler only at maximum setting and the temperatures are GREAT, at least something I'm happy with.

My AMD Athlon x2 4200+ is overclocked to 2.65GHz and the Vcore is plus .200v
Temperatures with stock AMD cooler
Idle about 40C
Full load with Orthos Stress Prime CPU&RAM would stop in couple minutes at 60C (my set threshold at at PC Probe) so not sure how high it would go.

Temperatures with Coolit Freezone
Idle about 23C
Full load with Orthos Stress Prime CPU&RAM about 47C.

Did call the CooliT System and was switched to answering machine where I left a message, hope they get to me soon.
Could have RMA the unit to the retailer but like to find out what CooliT has to say.

About installation for owners of Antec P180W, since the case has 120mm exhaust fan the supplied adapter plate has to be used, the cooler has 90mm fan.
I had to cut and file some new holes on the P180 honeycomb grill in order to reach the holes on the adapter plate, easy mod since it's aluminum.

Here picture:

Freezone installed

Front view of the case I love:
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