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Default Re: My new dead A8N32 SLI deluxe

I don't know anyone around me with another board, but I do have a questionable DFI lan party that wouldn't boot with it either, although the fan's came on. Actually the lan party is the real reason I ordered this new board.
The fan's come on with that board though.
So I tried over at NforcersHQ forum and one of the fine people actually removed his cpu for me to see what happened. The same thing, nothing (green light on).
So I ordered a 2.4GHZ sandiego. It should be here next week, giving me just enough time to return this A8n32.
I'm hoping that it'll get my lan party going too, then I can rma my bad 2.2GHZ sandiego.

Anyway, one way or another I'll get my x1900xt going again.

Thank's for the help
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