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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by methimpikehoses
Well one of the other reasons that I haven't OCed my GTX more than I have is because I haven't been monitoring the card temps. I know those cards run hot anyways so I'm not worried about a mild OC to 600/1900.

I my E6600 got into the mid 50's after 15 hours on Orthos at 3.51ghz, and low 60's at 3.6 after several hours. I have yet to see it hit 50 at 3.51 during actual gaming though, and this is playing Medieval 2 and Supreme Commander. The Tuniq cooler is really quite a bit better than the Zalman cooler I originally had.

Looking forward to putting a quad in later this year after the prices drop.
Im surprised you let it run untill it hit the low 60's. I could have sworn the threshold before damage is done to the CPU with the Core 2 Duo's is 60.9c. Ya... my CPU never goes above 50c in games.... even after hours of play. Orthos is really a true tester that produces usages most of us will never see
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