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Default Re: My new dead A8N32 SLI deluxe

Originally Posted by Woodelf
I just recieved an open box board from newegg.
After making my connections and attemting to start it. nothing happened.
The green LED stays green. no beeps, no fans, nothing.
Tried bios reset according to manual.
Tried stripping down to mem, cpu, vid.
Tried no vid,
tried no mem,
tried no cpu.
tried Enermax 500W PS
Tried bypass power switch.
Tried removing board and booting extrernally.
All the same... nothing, not a sound.
I'm suspecting the board or the cpu.
I don't have another CPU to test on it.

Isn't there supposed to be something telling me that there is no cpu though. I mean that motherboard should do something even with a bad CPU shouldn't it?..
I don't know, please help.

The A8N series are the crappiest motherboards ever known to man. I hate mine with a passion.
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