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Default Possible Incompatible PSU???

Here is a quick summary of my problem and observations:
A few months ago I came home from work and found that my computer was off and would not turn back on. I plugged in an older CompUSA power supply I had laying around and it turned on. So I sent my Antec PSU in for an RMA and was given a new True Power Trio 550 to replace my previous generation Antec True Power 550w. Within two weeks of using that new PSU I came home to find the same scenario. So I once again sent in the PSU and was given a new one two weeks later. I plugged it in and within 2 mins my computer shut off. I stripped everything from the computer and used my old CompUSA PSU during my process of elimination test searching for a faulty component. I never had a single problem with any power loss while using that older PSU. When I plugged in my new PSU it booted up but within about 10 mins of use it once again died. The only thing I had connected was my graphics card, CPU, Motherboard and a flash drive running Knoppix.

My hardware:
Asus A8V Deluxe
AMD 64 3500+
Crucial Ram

It seems that if the only thing I change is my power supply that I get a failure. But I have used 3 different new PSUs of the exact same model and had the same results.
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