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Originally Posted by sillyeagle
Its a closed beta under NDA.

On a side note, I found too really cool programs that go along with FS.

The first one is called AFCAD. it is an editing program and you can edit everything with airports. You can change runways length, length, markings, lighting, where planes will park, etc. I spend way too much time on it now. Search google for AFCAD and you will find it.

The other is FSPassengers. It is a program which is free for trial, but the trial is completely unlocked and you can experience absolutley everything the actual program has to offer. The only drawback is you can only take off from KSFO(San Fran) You can fly anywhere and like I said above you get every feature the full program has except whre you can take off from. It is cool, you make your company, and buy planes and work your way up or there are a few other scenarios. Try it out guys. Again, search google for FSpassengers.
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