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Well I finally fixed it. When I installed Red Hat 9.0 last week (yes I'm a Linux newb), it was version 2.4.20-6. Well not knowing much, I saw the blinking red exclamation points for an update. So I updated to 2.4.20-9 (since then I've learned that odd numbered ending numbers are releases that aren't very stable and more for hip developers wanting to check out the latest and greatest....correct me if this is wrong).

So to get to the issue, when I ran the nvidia run program i did it on version .6 but when I updated the XFree86.0.log I did it on .9. Then when restarting I kept bringing up .9 which was giving me errors with the 'nvidia' line in the XFree86.0.log. So today I changed the .6 XFree86.0.log to 'nvidia' and restarted in .6 and voila everything is cool. So I removed .9 from my grub and try to avoid it.

I guess I don't quite understand why it doesn't work in .9 though. I mean XFree86.0.log is the same file regardless of which version I'm in right.? So was my only mistake not running the .run prog in .9? If that's the case do I need to redo all the driver stuff everytime I update? Sorry for the newb questions, but I am loving Linux so far and this little bit of help means a lot.

Thanks to all those that replied to my thread to help out!!
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