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Originally Posted by sillyeagle
Thanks Bearclaw.

As to the joystick I have a Microsoft Sidewinder which is cheap and seems fine to me. It has profiles and stuff built in to Flight Simulator so you won't have to program it, which is nice, plus its got rundder twist grip, throttle, hat, etc...

I always see people recommend the Saitek X52, but unless you are a hard core flight simmer I cannot see spending $200 on a joystick.

EDIT: I guess the sidewinder is not longer made.
I also have a microsoft sidewinder. I have had it for about 8 years now, since I started playing FS. I bought a X52 and it was awesome to have for the week I had it but it broke on me so I sent it back. It's really ncie and it's online at some places for about 100 so it's not that bad. It's REALLY nice though. I am a really hardcore FS guy so I am going to order it soon again.
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