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Default Re: My new dead A8N32 SLI deluxe

I just dont trust asus anymore, my A8N32 has been troublesome...

- Once got a corrupt BIOS from adding an extra stick of RAM
- The flash utility is buggy.
- Got a no post for 2 days after not figuring out the problem, then i unplugged my LAN cable and it managed to reflash itself again.
- The PCI-E harness isnt very secure.
- The BIOS doesnt allocate IRQ's properly.
- The ill documented PEG-link caused stability problems. Of course nowhere does the manual tell you what it does.
- SPD is a buggy.
- APIC implementation doesnt follow the standards.
- The only board not fully compatible with nTune. You have to use Asus's crappy speed racer bubble utility.
- AI NOS is a joke.

The Asus web site is terrible, slow, and buggy.

However, my K8N Neo4 Plat SLI has been rock solid from day 1.

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