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Default Re: My new dead A8N32 SLI deluxe

Well, it was only $89.00.
Due to my current budget, this was chosen over a jetway or a crossfire board (which was unavailable).

The only asus board I've had were a p5a-b, a7v8x-x (JUNK) and a a7n8x deluxe w/soundstorm, which I eventually killed with volt mods. They were ok, but the nf7-s 2.0 with soundstorm would have been killer for the time.

My DFI had mysterious bios issues, where it would decide to change at random which clock speed's it was going to allow me to use.

Even though many say that the 2 x16 slot bandwidth is unnessessary for today's card's, I was thinking bout keeping this board till fall or next year when card's might be able to use the extra bandwith and finally going sli then. I'm not a computer genius like many of you guy's on this site, but... from the review's I've read about the board. The benchmark's are all ready showing 2 x16 sli pulling ahead at high res anti aliasing. So I figure it's not going to be long before card's are released that really take advantage of it.
I chose against crossfire because I didn't like the way ATI was heading with their card voltage requirement's
(Competitor + corperate merge + rumor + huge card + High volts + similar performance = not a good sign).
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