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Default Re: Does Nvidia driver support 7600GS features?

Thank you for your reply.

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
The linux driver only offers functionality for mpeg1/mpeg2 decoding using XvMC which is supported by most players.
I guess this means that the card does not offer any HW assistance to decode MPEG2 streams and offload the CPU. Pity.

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
Second s-video isn't made for very high resolutions. In general a HDTV is connected using component which offers better image quality and higher resolutions than s-video. The best thing to use is of course DVI/HDMI.
My current AV setup precludes the use of component, DVI or HDMI interconnects because of limitations in the AV receiver. So, S-video is the only interconnect I can use at the moment until I upgrade major components in the system.

My research reveals that low-end Nvidia Geforce4 cards support 1024x768 max. resolution from the S-video connector which will match well with my current SD video setup. And I suspect the same S-video driver hardware is probably being used in the 7600GS. So it makes no difference, from the perspective of video performance or supporting my current interconnect setup, if I invest in a video card like the 5200 or a 7600GS Nvidia card. However, if I plan to upgrade to HD one day, getting the 7600GS would be the best investment today (and hope for HW supprt in the Linux driver in time). Is this a correct analysis?
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