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Default Re: See what happens when you don't fix your website?

Originally Posted by netllama
There are plans to rework the driver page to make it more clear which drivers are appropriate for which cards.
Thank you Netllama. I hope Nvidia will fix Unix driver pages very fast. The problem with right driver is very annoying. Most people just install recent driver on geforce 3-4 which does not work with such hardware and flood Linux forums, mailing list and news groups with their problem. This is very hard to answer again and again to the same questions.

I think 3 versions should be placed on Unix driver page:
Linux IA32
Geforce FX and later latest version: 1.0-9755
Geforce 2 MX up to Geforce 4 use latest version: 1.0-9631
Riva TNT up to (and including) Geforce 2Ti Latest Legacy GPU version: 1.0-7184

The "supported product list" link at:
www page is wrong because it lies all Geforces since Geforce 2 MX are supported by this driver. Just remove this link or connect it with on-line readme of Nvidia driver /README/appendix-a.html.
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