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Default Re: Toshiba slashes price of HD-DVD players

I think it was good choice putting blu-ray in the PS3 since it should help with blu-ray movie sales. Take me for example. I really had no plans to purchase hi-def movies until things were more settled but having the PS3, it was too hard to resist trying it out. That then led to buying the HD DVD addon since I wanted to be able to purchase any hi-def movie. I really don't see how getting a hi-def player in someone's home has a downside. It seems to me that it should help usher in the hi-def era, not hinder it.

[H] recently went over the format war in this article and they felt like it was a smart thing to include the blu-ray player in the PS3 as well.

Another site tracking amazon sales is (currently being updated though). With a bunch of releases on blu-ray earlier, blu-ray was leading in all the categories but now with HD DVD releasing a bunch of popular releases, they were starting to lead in the categories. They really just seem to go back and forth depending on what is being released and how many releases are available.
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