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Default Re: eVGA 680i 1d post code

early chipset initialization (Error 1d) - I had this error for a long time too, and no one, even on the eVGA website (my mobo) knew or could spell out how to fix it. Your info here was GREAT! insta-fix. Turns out my brand new board came with the old bios, and doesn't properly support the ram speeds/voltages, even though they are the factory defaults. SUCK. I put just one stick of ram in the S3 (last ram slot farthest from the processor) and VIOLA it boots now!

!@$!@ if I didn't spend soooo much time on this.

I am rather uhappy that eVGA would both release a mobo with this kind of stupid bios error, and then on top of it not even mention the fix anywhere on their site! I hope word of this gets around, cause it seems to be a pretty common problem.
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