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ANd the balls to say this:

"finally! HardOcp dicovers AMerica... :
and dispelling the myth of the "always" superior IQ of ATI.

why it took so long for them to realize what everybody knows
since years?
ATI have been doing this (part time) filtering since the Radeon 8500..
it only have been improved abit recently but still nowhere close to Nvidia.
a technique that looks good in (STILL screnshots) ,but in real motion
if you care to notice you will see less IQ when you compare it with
Nvidia AF ,more noticeable when there is no flat surfaces."

Your conclusion, based on many different premises that you've proposed in other threads (above), is fallacious (princippo princippi) and hence will be looked upon as completely inane.


The few posts I've just read of yours are so inane that I can't believe that you are serious!

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