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I have noticed more of a framerate hit in high-detail applications when using 4X (or higher) AA then I have with 4X AF. In fact, I benched UT2K3 numerous times using different combinations of AA/AF to draw my conclusion. Testing was done when I was using the 43.45 driver (results with 43.51 are nearly identical, but newer drivers are on the way!). I found virtually no difference whatsoever between 2X and 4X AF - perhaps 2-3 FPS, whereas IQ was greatly enhanced. Even 8X AF was 'playable'... AA, on the other hand was quite a hit at any setting 4X and above. 'Quincunix' was the same overall as '2X AA', performance-wise, however the IQ was in my opinion 'somewhat blurry and lacking'. Conclusion for me ( best compromise between very fast performance, and IQ) was to run Intellisample: Balanced / 2XAA/ 4XAF/ D3DMipmap 'best image quality'.
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