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Originally Posted by ginfest
Actually I've found that EQ2 runs a lot better than Vanguard on my GTS
With all the VSOH crashes in the past month, I re-upped EQ2 just to clear a few toons and get my broker sales and it ran for over 4 hours without a glitch!
Too bad I'm bored of the game, right now it's mostly "twinks" and the economy is crazy. Way back when it started having 1g was an accomplishment, now I have hundreds of PP.
Anyway, VSOH and it's tech probs are so far one of the great disappointments of 2007.
Although it has gotten better, it's still unpredictable as to when , not if, it will crash.
Although LOTR is not really my type of MMO, I have to say that I have it running at max, AA/AF and the high texture pack and it also hasn't crashed in 4+ hours a session.
Why Sigil can't get VSOH running with no hassles is beyond me.
Well, it seems that VSOH is already destined to be a low-pop niche game, hopefully AOC will be the next great one.
What settings are you running EQ2 at, and what framerate are you getting? I'm getting as low as 18fps whenever there are lots of enemies on-screen at once on both a single GTX and SLI.

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