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Default R9700 Pro at Gamestop for 320 dollars AFTER 20 percent off

I hope that you forgive my newness to *starting* threads because I don't typically like to.

But as I don't see any thread here on this subject and I think maybe the moderators can tolerate the somewhat off the topicness (not really about the card, more about a deal), you can go to to see they are having a deal right now, NOW, and only a few hours more, that gives you 20 percent off all accessories, for PC or console.

And they just got a stock of R9700 Pro's in. That's right, 80 dollars off that brand new 400 dollar video card, boyos.

Saw this over at Rage3d, btw. Give credit where credit is due and all.

That 20 percent off may be good for other things, too, but I didn't really look.

If you don't care, then okie dokie. But I just thought since no one seems to have noticed it, I should mention it. And I again apologize if this is in the wrong place.


And if you really love this deal, thank VoodooNinja from Rage3d forums for it because he saw it first and put it there and I saw it there. For me, it was too tempting to let go by. Saw the deals for the Ti4600 go by, saw those deals for the R8500 go by last year. Couldn't let it go by again. I think Overnight shipping is even a steal there, really.

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