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Originally Posted by Xion X2
What settings are you running EQ2 at, and what framerate are you getting? I'm getting as low as 18fps whenever there are lots of enemies on-screen at once on both a single GTX and SLI.
Sorry I don't have FRAPS or any way to tell exact numbers. And it's not that I care about one game over the other but EQ2 does run a lot smoother to the eye and doesn't crash either. I'm set at 1650x1080 Very High all default except shadows minimal. I know it's just a subjective observation but there it is
I wish VSOH would run the same for me but on "balanced" it still stutters and will CTD everytime-I can delay it by staying in one chunk or just crafting but travel over 2 or more chunks, or join up in a dungeon and it will crash.
This LOTR, even though as I said not really my "type" of MMO defaulted to Very High and I'm using 4x/16x at 1680x1050 and it is smooth as silk to me, there are some minor stutters at times but it hasn't CTD on me yet.
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