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Originally posted by The Baron
The better question is do synthetic benchmarks matter.

If you want to be really horribly anal about it, if the new 44.03s do not have any sort of IQ drop in GT4 REGARDLESS of what may happen if you freelook using the Developer Edition, it's not cheating. The benchmark runs, it ends normally, it's just faster than it would otherwise be. But at the same time, it is a fake optimization that has no place in the real world.

In my book, yes, it's cheating, because it's creating performance where performance isn't there. But at the same time, it finally proves without a doubt that as a test of game performance, synthetic benchmarks are dead. And I think it's article time.
If benchmarks are dead then why does EVERYONE in the hardware community use them to compare? If I buy a $500 dollar video card. I am not doing it to play my games fast. Hell all of the $200 cards play the games fast now. I want something I can say "I have the best card around" period. Benchmarks prove this.

Benchmarks are an easy tool to compare. Nvidia knows that 3dmark03 is reliable, or they wouldn't have let the reviewers even use it! Especially if they knew that they had a chance of losing.

Jacking me for $500 is one thing, but to jack me for the cash and then give something that's half ass.. screw that, I will wait.
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