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Default which kernel version -- oh yeah, it wasn't quite 2.4.20...

Originally posted by ripperda
which kernel version is this? the standard 2.4.20 from doesn't have this (that I can tell)
Ow -- you're right, I was withholding information.

Looking back, I'd assembled it from
stock 2.4.20 plus the 2.4.21-pre3 patch.

I just checked the latest prerelease
of 2.4.21 (2.4.21-rc2). It no longer includes
the nForce IDE driver that was present in pre3
seems to be gone in rc2. So the nvidia.o collision is
probably a non-issue for everyone except
ham-handed tinkerers like me, who deserve what we get.
If somebody adds it back to the main kernel
line they'll probably give it a different name.
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