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Originally posted by marcocom
indeed, you are right sir.

WHQL means alot more than Futuremarks' input to me. And then, how about that whole 'nvidia has no access to source code' fact there...nvidia cheating?? how about simply 'ATi knows how to please the benchmark precisely while nvidia is still guessing'

frankly, i just wish the benchmark didnt exist and that my fellow consumers stopped treating it like its gold. cuz its a joke. the idea that a benchmark exists that CERTAIN hardware mfrs have more access to than others certainly stinks more than anything regarding missing effects in playback of that benchmark by nvidia.


ATi have plenty of Access to 3dmark2003 source code ..
while Nvidia not.. so they can "optimize" the way they want
to get better scores , just for 3dmark2003..
i dont see ,the fairness here... at all .

so thats why i dont care too much about numbers in
Syntetic benchmarks like 3dmarks /SHadersmarks/RIghtmarks
and others.. They may be good as graphic Demo , but in no way
represent my future performance in 3d games ,if my video
card company is not allowed to work with them ,the way it happens
in the real world with games..

the benchamrk can be "legal" and at the same time manipulated
their programming to benefits more ,one IHV video card
arquitecture . (cough) PS1.4 video cards..

if Nvidia Nv30 were not delayed by 6months ,the
"standar" now in DIrectx9 will be other.

for me the real BEnchmarks are games.,
and here is where ATI now have a new trouble .

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