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i have been spectating for awhile now and feel that i need to chime in...

has anyone noticed that once the nv35 got caught cheating, some people on this forum act like it never happend and are accusing ati of doing a hack of the same degree? then there are also those that say it is just nvidia's way of trying to show that they can optimize, yet when they were confronted with the issue, they call it a "bug" and are investigating the issue...if they were trying to prove a point, wouldnt they outright proclaim it?...

those same people that were gloating about the nv35's score in 3dmark are now condemning cant have it both ways

then there are some that believe that ati does poorly in seems fine to me and i run it at 6xAA 16xAF 1280x1024 and i never see the screen come to a crawl...but my card must be 1 in a million, cause those people that dont own it, surely must know better
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