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Default Please recommend motherboard and RAM for new system

I am in the process of ordering a new system but I need some help with the motherboard and RAM. I want to order the following system:

Core 2 Duo E6400
WD Raptor 10k 150GB
8800 GTS 640MB

I am ordering from because they ship to Germany and seem to have good prices and shipping costs.

I need help with the motherboard and RAM (2GB). Basically, I don't want to overclock the CPU right off the bat, I would like to OC it maybe 6 months after I buy it. But I don't want a crazy OC, i've heard you can OC the E6400 to 3.0GHZ on air, if you have the right RAM and motherboard, that would be enough for me. Also, the motherboard needs to be able to accomodate the 8800GTS, I've heard some can't. I will be buying the computer case locally so I don't need to order it from them.

For the mobo I was looking at this:
I like the price, and it says it supports Core 2 Duo and has 1 PCI express x16 slot for the 8800GTS. Also would the WD Raptor 10k work properly with this mobo?

For the RAM I was looking at getting 2GB in the Super Talent chips since they seem to have good prices. Remember I don't really care too much about oc'ing, I just want to have the option to do a simple OC on air in the future with this system.

Here is the link with some of the Super Talent chips:

Those CL4 and CL5 chips on that page look pretty good and cost $141 and $155. Please recommend me one.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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