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AFAIK, not in the specific sense, no. RBE is a function of the spinning color wheel (i.e. color changes per second), not color/brightness/contrast/gamma/etc adjustments. That said, reducing the overall output of the set (which can be done without calibration, though not to the same effect) might be able to help minimize RBE because you don't have the eyestrain during high-contrast scenes. In fact, part of the reason why these sets (RPTVs) look so bad out of the box is because they have gamma set too high with saturated colors in order to look "eye popping", literally.

I haven't invested yet in a professional calibration, so I may just be talking out of my posterior. I feel I've been able to get my TV as good as I can get it without professional tools (aside from DVD sources). Then again, I use my Xbox360 as my DVD/HDDVD player, so paying for a calibration is pretty pointless given the weakest link in the chain.

Now, my audio setup, that's a different story...

Originally Posted by superklye
That's awesome you notice a huge difference?

Out of curiosity...on a DLP set, would ISF calibration reduce or eliminate completely the RBE? My dad's got a 50" Samsung DLP and I literally get headaches and queasy if watching it too long because of the RBE.
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