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Originally Posted by Hambone
Dude you're a freaking goober.
Right back at ya, dork.

Obviously I was talking about the "game" not the engine.
No, it wasn't "obvious," because "polished" can refer to all sorts of things.

Aside from that I also have an 8800GTS and an E6600. At high settings with forced x4 FSAA (shadows off, water medium, blah blah) I get a pretty constant 60FPS at 1680x1050. I'd hardly call a game that looks as good as EQ2 and runs like that "ass".

"polished" - as in massive content, excellent UI, excellent guild system, excellent crafting system. The game is nothing like it was when it came out. They've polished the heck out of it.
God, some of you MMO boys are so sensitive and defensive that it's ridiculous. I guess when you spend your entire life behind a keyboard in one of these MMO worlds it gets into your head after a while and you feel as if your entire existence is being threatened.

Anyway.. I like EQ2's "polish" in the way you refer to it; I just wish the game ran decent on high settings. I'm not the only one who's complained about this, by the way. The game runs pretty lousy on 8800 cards considering its graphics engine. The shadows and water are the best graphical effects on the game; you shouldn't have to turn those off in order for the game to run decent. It's over two years old, and it really takes away from the overall graphical appeal when you have to disable those features.

Some of that is probably Nvidia's fault, but I think it says something when both Vanguard (which looks better) and World of Warcraft both run so much better.

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