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Default Re: After installing NVidia driver: BSD crashes starting X / "milky" display

I forgot to mention:

The described "fade-to-white" of the screen sometimes happens while the last boot messages are still visible, sometimes after the screen is cleared with only a block cursor visible. Occasionally, I also got an all plain-gray screen, which did not change as described, but the system was locked up anyway.

And, a weird idea: During boot-up and in the messages logfile, I get a continuous stream of error messages about a da0 SCSI device (which I suppose from what I read is a card reader I never use) being not ready, having no medium attached or so. It does not interfere when I'm using the default NV driver.

Could it be that this continously repeated message, by some screen buffer mix-up or whatever, is what makes the screen turn gradually white when I'm using the NVidia driver? Again, I'm new to Unix!!!
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