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Default Re: Anisotropic filtering and Antialias problems with 9755 and FX5900

For some reason, the installer for 9755 detected 9746 installed. Prior to installing the Livna packages (I wanted to tests how were they in regards to automatic updates, and such) I did uninstall the previous version (9746) using the nvidia-installer to uninstall them, still apparently they were not fully removed from the system, so when 9755 were available from Livna, there was this inconsistency. I can't tell what remaineded of the 9746 drivers on the system, but the 9755 installer picked that up and promptly said that I had the 9746 drivers installed. This with the Livna packages already removed from the system, so what lingered, I can only guess...

Thanks for your suggestions, and just for completeness sake (and to test if whether or not the Livna packages are deffective) how can I fully remove the drivers so that the installer won't detect any previous version installed? I already know that I'll have to replace a package as the file gets overwritten, and I'll have to replace it, other than that I'm not sure what may have lingered on the system that was picked up by the 9755 installer.
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