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Originally posted by bkswaney
I agree... I've run it 6 times and now I see nothing wrong.
Umm... did you even read the ExtremeTech article? Of course you'll see nothing wrong...I refer you to this quote from the article: During our testing, when we stayed "on the rail," or the fixed path through the benchmark, things looked fine. But when we went "off rail" in the developers version, we saw problems

Plus these are WHQL cert. They must meet MS's eye.
*Sigh...* This is my third post on WHQL:

WHQL certs are to be sure that a driver will operate without conflicting with other WHQL drivers and hardware in the system. Microsoft doesn't check and doesn't care if a driver is modifying it's behaviour when 3dmark is running. WHQL is about ensuring system stability, it's not about ensuring vendor integrity. They should be honest without needing babysitting.

Originally posted by ChrisRay
Whether this Nvidia is cheating or not, I think it's a good example of just why synthetic benchmarks are pretty much irrelevent.
The only thing which could possibly make synthetic benchmarks irrelevant is deliberate cheating. Synthetics have a legitimate place in measuring vidcards.

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