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Originally posted by Rogozhin

extremetech verified that the scores were affected by this hardcoding.

They had to hard wire each individual FRAME- that takes time lots of it by their dev team-and it is a cheat since it was done on purpose and it was done with the intent of running edmark2003 FASTER.

I just can't believe they thought they could do this sort of thing and not get caught. They did it with the second set of fx 5800 drivers too I'm sure.

wonder how deep this rabit hole goes-ut2003 time demo? SC time demo? doom 3 time demo?

What I do not get is the 51's and 44's score about the same.
SO why did they hack the 44's? I gained maybe 100 points and thats it. Or could this be on the 5900 only?

They had to know EVERYONE was looking for them to screwup.
Like there drivers were not going to be looked at under a electron microscope.
It does not make any sense.

EDIT: I might ad that Nvidia needs to fire there head of drivers!
Heads would roll.

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