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System Configuration

General Information

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP

DirectX Version 9.0

Mobo Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer INC.

Mobo Model P4G8X

AGP Rates (Current/Available) 8x / 4x, 8x

CPU Intel Pentium 4 3060 MHz

FSB 170 MHz

Memory 512 MB

Display Information

Graphics Chipset NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra

Driver Name NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra

Driver Version

Video Memory 128 MB

Core Clock 301 MHz

Memory Clock 602 MHz

Sound Information

Sound Adapter Driver Name SB Audigy Audio [B800]

Sound Adapter Driver Version

Benchmark Settings

Program Version 3DMark03 Revision 1 Build 3

Resolution 1024x768@32 bit

Texture Filtering Optimal

Pixel Processing / Antialiasing None

Post Processing false

Vertex Shaders Optimal

Main Test Results
3DMark Score 6253 3DMarks

CPU Score 672.0 CPUMarks

Detailed Test Results

Game Tests

GT1 - Wings of Fury 213.4 fps

GT2 - Battle of Proxycon 40.8 fps

GT3 - Troll's Lair 33.0 fps

GT4 - Mother Nature 42.2 fps

CPU Tests

CPU Test 1 69.1 fps

CPU Test 2 12.9 fps

Feature Tests

Fill Rate (Single-Texturing) 1476.1 MTexels/s

Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing) 3608.8 MTexels/s

Vertex Shader 15.3 fps

Pixel Shader 2.0 46.6 fps

Ragtroll 19.6 fps

Sound Tests

No sounds 58.9 fps

24 sounds 51.7 fps

60 sounds Not Supported
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