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Originally posted by panzaman
....nvidia did the same with ATI with the Quake3 thingy and with Kyro....people forget things very easily
ATis "Quack" was evident in one single driver.
nVidia has had "problems" with 3DMark for 3-4 driver revisions now.

When ATi removed the Quack "problem" they actually gained performance and quality.
I'm not saying it wasn't cheating.
But to me the whole ordeal looked to obvious to be a cheat. If you're going to cheat at least make it a bit hard to notice ey... I don't think ATi were that stupid.

But in all fairness nVidia surely desrves a chance to correct their problems and if quality is fixed and performance is equal then they're off the hook.

BTW I can't belive how many people in here actually are fine with cheating.

The thing I want to check out is Shadermark, as this is one of the benches where DetFX does wonders.

Above all I think it just rose my suspicion. How can I trust any benchmark that an FX produces now? Must I test them all for abnormalities or is this limited to 3DMark03?
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